Low Carbon Cities | 45th ISOCARP International Congress | Porto - Portugal, 18-22 October 2009  

© F. Piqueiro / Fotoengenho


Presentation Review05 Low Carbon Cities to the City of The Hague


  • TAP Portugal has agreed with ISOCARP to offer a discount to participants of the Porto Congress who book their flight through TAP
  • In its July edition UN-HABITAT Urban World included a special supplement on the
    ISOCARP Congress on Low Carbon Cities to be held in Porto, Portugal this October. 
    ISOCARP has an extremely ambitious programme which includes a combination of keynote speeches, Technical Seminars and work¬¨shops.  There will be much to see, to hear and to do! 
    This subject of low carbon cities is, of course, an extremely important one in terms of the future of our planet. Our Congress is fittingly  timed in the run up to the vital Copenhagen Summit which is charged with framing a successor to the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions.